About Anthony

Hi there! I’m Anthony Brewitt a UX Designer working in the UK (based in Lincolnshire).

I have over 10 years experience working as Designer and Front End Developer, Over the last couple of years – I’ve been specializing in UX (User Experience) designing phone apps, websites and business software applications. Currently a UI/UX Designer and Project Manager at Dataplan, I help them make their phone apps and business software tick, I also undertake UI/UX work for their sister company Atomic IT.

Day to day I can be found creating wireframes and prototypes, talking with stakeholders about business goals, mapping out users tasks and getting user feedback, all this typically spits out interactive prototypes and design artifacts for our team of talented developers to build from.

I’ve always loved design and have been lucky enough to make the enjoyment of creating my full time job.

Outside of work I attempt to keep fit enjoying road and mountain biking and the weekly team squash deathmatch. I enjoy gaming, occasionally picking up my PS4 (Battlefield 1  / COD / FIFA) and more recently my laptop for which I log into my Steam account, that’s seemingly been frozen in time since 2002, with Age Of Empires, Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike on my playlist.

I’m at my happiest playing with my two kids; my cheeky boy Oliver and my adorable baby girl Rose.

I want this website to be a place for me to explore anything UX, UI, Typography, Brand Identity, Business app design and literally any general rant that’s on my mind at the time.