People press the wrong buttons

Early this morning I was watching the TV and drinking my first cup of tea of the day, I accidentally clicked the Source button on the remote, instead of MOTD playing highlights of the weekends football – my TV switched over to a Harry Potter DVD from the previous night. My 3 year old viewed scary images of Voldermort and whimpered “I don’t like it”. I scrambled to grab the remote and corrected my error.

It seems a similar incident occurred in Hawaii over the weekend…

An employee at the Emergency Management Agency accidentally clicked the wrong button that sent the state’s population an emergency alert stating  that a “ballistic missile threat is inbound to Hawaii, seek immediate shelter, this is not a drill”. The readers must have been terrified. Unlike my fast reactions on the remote control helping my son avoid nightmares, the Emergency Management Agency left people panicking for 38 minutes!

Turns out the system they use to send emergency alerts does not support a feature of correcting a wrongly sent emergency message. I’d argue this is not a edge case scenario, people typically press the wrong buttons! The unfortunate Employee at EMA did, as did I.

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