Even the best design ideas are just assumptions


Even the best design ideas are just assumptions

Sounds risky business to me.

I have been in the position a few times where I have explained designs to stakeholders whom look totally perplexed when I say “It’s my best guess for what we need”. Stakeholder “So… your guessing?”. I reply “Well, yes”.

Without user testing we’re just assuming our design decisions are right.

I wouldn’t fancy funding my business on an assumption.

Skip user testing and even the best design ideas, from the best Designer Jedi Genius Guru , are just assumptions, pure fiction.

Utilizing a UX Designers vast experience, undertaking heuristic evaluations, known user conventions, user profiling, task analysis, story mapping and basing decisions on analytics –  whilst all these methods are insightful and helpful in qualify your design decisions, they only get so you so far!

Testing one user is 100% better than testing none

  • Steve Krug, Don’t make me think






Author: Anthony B

UX Designer working in Lincolnshire.

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