Why good UX is an expectation

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Google, Facebook and of course Apple have set a trend in technology that has changed software forever. These companies have created highly engaging and intuitive products that have raised the bar in terms of what users expect from software. They expect this good software experience to continue at work too.

Users expect more than a grey and bland screen, a choice paralyzing list of features and a crummy tabular layout, regardless of data displayed. It seems user expectations are now set to the understanding that the software should have an intuition as to what they want, an understanding of their working patterns and tasks and enable the user to have a clear and measurable workflow.

In a competitive market it is no longer “ok” to just have software that functions, it needs to have a good experience.

This is why the trend and practice of User Experience (UX) has developed, and why UX needs to be part of the software development process, furthermore I believe a customer experience approach should be embedded into the fabric of a company’s very culture, this means support for UX from the top brass.

UX practices and activities need to be installed at each stage of product creation to ensure a good UX.

Experts suggest 20% of a product budget should be assigned to UX. (Might be experts in UX!)

We cannot ship crap anymore to our customers. “Pretty” or “cool” does not mean a good experience.

A scary thought is that all software you have produced has an experience, good or bad.

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